Minigolf Restaurant Menu

Outdoor Restaurant with a Twist

Our garden restaurant specialties


Beef Fillet Carpaccio 155k
Tuna Fish Carpaccio 155k
Melon Pearl & Parma Ham Salad170k
Tahitian Raw Fish 155k
Roast Goat Cheese Salad 170k
Smoked Salmon Salad 190k
Traditional French Onion Soup 120k

Vietnamese main courses

Sautéed Beef Fillet and Onion, Coco Milk Sauce 175k
Vietnamese Style Chicken Curry 175k
Vietnamese Style Fish Curry 190k
Vietnamese Style Vegetable Curry 140k
Shrimps & Squid Fried Rice 165k
Chilly & Lemongrass Grilled Chicken 170k

Western main courses

Beef Fillet (300gr) with Potato Gratin 275k
Beef Rib Eye (250gr) with Potato Gratin 320k
Sea Bream Fillet Provençale Style 230k
Corsican Olives Veal Stew with rice 190k
Chicken and Mushrooms “Vol au Vent” 230k

Cheese – Subject to availability


Ice cream (2 scoop) 70k
Crème Brulé 85k
Chocolate Fondant 85k
Colonel 125k

Our Specialities

On the Hot Stone:

(Served with Potato Gratin & Mix Salad)

Combo1 (1 pax) 280k

Beef filet, pork, chicken breast

Combo2 (1 pax) 310k

Fish, shrimps, squids

Combo 3 (1 pax) 280k

Beef Fillet Koreen Style

Combo 4 (2 pax) 550k

Combo 1 + Combo 2

Beef Fondue (served with Potato gratin & Mix Salad)

Very tender Beef Fillet

(250g) 299k

(350g) 399k


Home Made Tagliatelle

Emmenthal 99k

Carbonara 150k

Bolognaise 165k

Vegetables 140k

Smoked Salmon 240k